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Typical house clearance Northampton lets you get rid of all the unwanted items that have bulked around your area. You can sell, donate, or simply de-junk the items making your house and dwelling area clean and functional. Employing local house clearance Northampton companies like us helps you do the job better and with accuracy.

Northampton Transport helps you decide what to keep, estimates the size of the house clearance, and hands you options according to your budget. Many people even look for clearance solutions because they have lost someone and don’t want to keep their things anymore. But, we suggest looking for your local house clearance services anytime in the year. Thinking to connect with us, but first, take a look at our features.

Safe & On-Time House Clearance Service

Northampton Transport believes in punctuality. Every professional in our unit remains on time so that you do not miss your Sundays. We are your “house clearance company near me” ready to help any day of the week.

We handle your items perfectly, ensuring no damage while carrying the furniture, electronics, and other appliances. Our crew is a team of experts who know their duty well and can be creative at times to hand the best solutions. We have all the specialized equipment that keeps the appliances safe and complete our tasks on time.

Work With A Plan

As the top house clearance company in your locality, we prepare a plan beforehand that helps you and our professionals work at a constant speed and accuracy. In the process, the experts assess your house, determine the work amount, and create FREE quotations. Whether you are doing clearance of your garden space, house backyard, kids playing space, etc., we are ready with our house clearance services. Many of our clients even like to relocate their items to a new place, office, fundraisers, etc., and we help them there too.

Help In Donations

Your old or unwanted goods may have become a burden or space-occupying object for you, but society has various other people who are looking for your kindness to donate them. Northampton Transport also has lists and links of charitable organizations that help needy people when people like you de-junk your houses. The house clearances become a boon for them.  

You can help them too. Just ask our executives, and they will offer a lot of phone numbers of the charitable trusts helping you donate.

How To Book Our Clearance Service In Northampton

While downsizing your house, apartment, office, etc., ask our experts to help you. They are skilled and experienced. Northampton Transport is registered by Environment Agency and has a valid waste carrier certificate. So everyone relies on us for environment-friendly house clearance. Avail of our house clearance removals starting from just £ 25.


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